E-learning General Login Guide


Before you Log In:

Before you log in for your course, please review the following computer system requirements: 

  • PC, mac, or tablet device
  • Hi-speed internet connection
  • Any modern web browser capable of HTML5 – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Edge (Microsoft Internet Explorer not recommended – if used ensure Version 11 or later, turn 'Compatibility view' off for 'www.kccsoft.com')

  • Important:  Popup windows must be allowed from www.kccsoft.com for courses to open – see the technical tips further down for how to do this.

  • Sound card and speakers recommended but not required

Accessing your course:

  • Go to the custom company address that was emailed to you, or to General Elearning Login and click the 'E-learning login' button
  • A login screen will appear. Enter your company number, personal loginID and personal password as issued to you by your manager or via email

See the notes below for technical issues.



dupont safety stop image


Printing Your Certificate



Certificate printing for courses may or may not be turned on - your training manager is in control of this feature. If it is turned on you can print certificates for all courses when you successfully complete the final quiz from the 'Training Center' where you logged in to do the course. Click on the ‘Training History / Certificates' tab at the top of the Training Centre, then located your course in the list and click on the ‘Certificates’ icon on the right hand side of the row. If it is not visible, it is because you have not passed the course or certificate printing is turned off.

Food Safety for Food Handlers is a special government certified course. You cannot directly print your own Food Safety certificate. Certificates are automatically generated within 10 minutes of a successful final quiz completion and e-mailed to your course proctor. Contact your proctor to receive your certificate.




Need more help? 

Contact your training manager for assistance.


Troubleshooting Tips:

HTTP Secure

System Requirements for HTML5 courses

System Requirements:

  • A desktop PC, mac, or tablet device (phones may be too small for images)
  • A modern HTML5 capable web browser - Google Chrome (recommended), Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Safari. Internet Explorer not recommended due to compatibility issues, if used ensure version 11 (or later). Turn 'Compatibility view' off in Internet Explorer for 'kccsoft.com'
  • Popup windows must be allowed from www.kccsoft.com for courses to open

HTTP Secure

Problem: Blank black screen

Black Screen Solution:

HTTP Secure

Problem: Blank white screen

White Screen Solution:

Problem - Error Message:

WARNING: Scorm Tracking System not initialized. Please re-start this course. If the problem persists please contact Knowledgeware for assistance.”


Ensure that your web browser has ‘javascript’ enabled. This message will occur if the application cannot use javascript to do its job. Javascript is sometimes disabled on corporate networks for security reasons.


Password Recovery


Please ask your training manager to change your password. If you’ve forgotten your password, put the login information you remember into the login window. If it doesn’t match, a window will open showing names similar to yours. Click on the information that matches you to have your login information emailed to you. If you can’t find a match, please ask your training manager to recover your information.


If you are still stuck contact KnowledgeWare at 1-800-893-9333 (604-380-0040) Pacific or via email: techsupport@kccsoft.com 

Note: KnowledgeWare help is available 8:30am - 5pm Pacific Standard Time